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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We're Totally Official

I don't know why I didn't read the letter from Holt any more closely than I did until now, but... I just realized that our homestudy went to Korea earlier than I thought it did! I'm getting more excited about a new baby every day. I'm more focused on the issue than usual this week because 1) I was invited to join an adoption group that I'd not been aware of before and 2) my digi friend Melissa is in Korea RIGHT NOW picking up her baby girl.

I just asked the moderator on the Holt board to add us to the official running list of those waiting for a referral. I was surprised to see that we're not even last on the list. Now, of course, this list is by no means official, but it's a good representative sampling and keeps me calm about approximately where we might be in the wait.

Where might that be? Well, the list is long and the process is even longer. So, I don't have hopes of a referral any time before October. That would be about 10 months, which seems to be about average. That would probably mean the new baby is here, at HOME, in January or February of next year. That's earlier than I'd originally thought, but obviously we'll do whatever it takes when the time comes. I'd rather not put him/her in daycare before the fall of next year, but we might not have a choice. Maybe we'll see about finding a temporary option until Rob is finished with school once my leave is over.

I think all this waiting is really what's prompted me to scrap so many of Sam's early pictures. It's so fun to finally journal the stories and gaze at his baby pictures. Rob and I have both talked in the last few days at feeling some sadness when we see his baby pictures, knowing we missed so many months of his early life, but I try to remember that none of us would be who we are if things had gone differently. All of those experiences add up to who we are as people and as a family, and we have to trust that it all happens as God intends it to.

Someone remind me of that, PLEASE, when the wait for #2 really starts to get to me!


Kim said...

Woohoo about HSTK!!!!! I am sooooooooooooooo excited for you guys and can't wait to see and hear about your new son or daughter!!!

Melissa said...

You really caught me off guard with this referral picture - I thought I somehow crazily missed something until I saw it was of Sam. I hope that the wait goes by quickly - I know it's easy for me to say now that I'm at the end of mine, but your time will come!!

Stef said...

An October baby would mean that you're like 3 weeks pregnant! (or the person carrying your baby is) :) Congrats!!