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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sick Day

We had our first official sick day in over a year and a half today. Sam caught every bug that floated within a mile of him the first year he was home, but he came out of the experience with an immune system of steel. Apparently, however, that steel can be penetrated by Mommy germs. He rallied a bit over the weekend, but stayed home yesterday (which we wanted anyway since we were off for the holiday.)

I had him all ready to go to school today, but as he ate his strawberries for breakfast all he did was cough, so I canceled most of my calls for the day and kept him home and took him to the doctor.

He cracked me up at Dr. Weidner's office. I told him that we were going to visit the doctor so that he could make him feel better. He took that to heart. The second the doctor opened the exam room door, Sam flopped down on his back on the table and said, "I'm laying down so you can make me all better!" The doctor actually giggled at that.

Turns out he has a sinus infection of his very own. I was under the impression you had to be a bit older to get bona fide sinus infections, but apparently Dr. Mom doesn't know what she's talking about. We picked up a bottle of antibiotics, which had me panicked for fear of trying to administer the first dose alone.

Sam has matured since his last round of meds, though. He opened wide, swallowed the medicine and didn't seem to mind it one bit. It's SO MUCH EASIER to take care of a sick kid when he actually cooperates!


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