Life as MommyMo

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mission Accomplished

It would appear that we are no longer a family that needs to buy Pull-Ups. The mission is complete. All systems are a go... and in the right vessels.

This is very very big news in our house.

We cheered. We celebrated. We admired. We ran right off to Target to get the "Crash-Smash" book that had become the newest object of desire once the process was finalized.

In news that matters to the rest of the world, my "candidate of choice" is doing quite nicely in the primaries tonight. I am enjoying it. Is there a limit to how much punditry one family can take? I'm sure there is. We just don't seem to know where that line is just yet. We're still likethis with CNN.

The pic of Sam is not there to overdo the potty point, but rather there to make my little buddy Ethan happy. It turns out that my two-year-old friend likes to read my blog with Mommy and is sick and tired of the pics of Hillary or inanimate objects that have been featured. You can't blame him. He can't read, so he's understandably all about the pictures. There you go, Ethan. Enjoy!


Kim said...

WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!! AND THANK YOU!!!! Just to let you know after looking and the cute pic of Sam and talking about what Sam was "doing" Ethan jumped down, ran to the bathroom and yelled "mommy, me poop like Sam on the potty like a good big boy" and guess what??? Mission completed... He pees in the potty all the time, but the other was too scarey. Sure it was only one time, but a start I think... Thank you Sam and Aunt Kurry!!!!!!!!