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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Postive Peer Pressure

Not only did our young friend Ethan appreciate a pic of Sam on my blog this morning, it inspired him to practice his potty skills. I got a very happy report from Kim. Considering Sam's been in some fairly serious trouble for acting up at school lately, it's nice to hear him setting a good example for once!

His behavior, thankfully, is improving steadily since we resorted to stickers on the calendar and a bribe at the end of each week for positive reports from his teacher. My scrappy little muffin was pushing and punching as early as Monday, but "behaved like an angel" today. That's a relief! It was also a relief to hear that although she's not going to name names, the teacher is convinced Sam is not the real agressor. He sure is a follower, though. She says he sees other kids getting a little too pushy and has no qualms about jumping right in. Is it too early to have a discussion about being a leader instead of a follower?

Sam and I had a nice little outing tonight to get ready for our big Valentine's Day extravaganza tomorrow. I, known around these parts as a pretty mediocre (and that's being kind to myself) cook, am planning to prepare a very schmancy meal I have been learning all about on The Pioneer Woman Cooks. We'll see how it works out. For $81 at Wegman's tonight, let's hope it's at least edible!

When we left the store, Sam announced that he no longer wants to food shop with Daddy.

"Daddy goes to buy food at the boring store. I like your store, Mommy. It has a cool train and gummy worms."

"But don't worry. I still love Daddy... I just don't think I want to go shopping with him next time. Just you."

I fear this means I will be the appointed grocery shopper for a while... and I really really do NOT enjoy the grocery store! Ah, what we'll do for the young'uns.


Melissa said...

Your experience with Sam and school sounds like ours with Camden. He had his own pushing episode last week and the teacher says it's the little boy he's been hanging around. We tried the "be a leader, not a follower" talk, but I'm pretty sure he didn't get it! LOL