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Monday, February 04, 2008

I Am Public Voter #1

I'm not sure, but I think perhaps Hillary Clinton has been reading my blog and is terribly concerned that at least one female voter in New Jersey might go for Obama tomorrow.

I'm not paranoid. I actually have a sort of proof... It's now about 5:30 p.m. and I have gotten EIGHT phone calls from Hillary's campaign today alone, urging me to go to the polls tomorrow and vote for A Better America by way of a new President Clinton.

What else could that number of phone calls possibly mean? I mean, really. I don't know that anyone has ever called me that many times in one day. Not my husband, not my mom, not my sister, not my friends. In fact, all of those people combined don't ring my phone eight times in a single 24-hour period.

What I wonder is this: Do they really think that repeated phone calls is not going to annoy people, but instead make them sit up and realize the error of their ways and change their vote? Are there people who have made up their minds but say to themselves, "Gosh. That Hillary sure is persistent. I think I'll vote for her."

Maybe Hillary thinks that I have more political sway in an important electoral state than I really do. All I know is this... If I get one more phone call, it's quite possible that I'll toss my phone out the window.

Sam is all ready to go vote with me tomorrow. He's still firmly for Obama. He was tempted to vote for me, but he did recall me saying I wasn't running. I guess Obama is second best, but what can you expect? Obama doesn't buy him monster trucks and read extra books at night.

Don't forget to vote!


Julie W. said...

Strangely, we didn't get any calls from Hillary or Obama. However, 4 Mitt Romney calls, 2 anti-Mitt Romney calls, and 2 calls each for McCain and Hukabee. Darn hubby that votes Republican. You'll be happy to know that baby Connor already voted today in the GA primary. :-)

Melissa said...

You must be extra special - we've managed to not have ANY political calls! :)