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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Catching Up

After scrapping over 200 pages in the past 15 months or so, I FINALLY got a few prints made! It really is much more gratifying to create scrapbook pages when you actually have them in a scrapbook. So, I'm vowing to myself to do that more often. Because they're really expensive to print, I'm rushing to get a few special photos scrapped that I want printed for my 12x12 album while there's still a sale. It's actually been great fun to scrap just for the purpose of capturing stories that I don't want to be lost. I do a lot of scrapping to try to learn to do it better, but it's nice to just sit back and worry about nothing but the words.

Sam's back at school, recovered from most of the icky bug he had, but the transition back hasn't been an easy one. We're told that literally half his class has been sick, which is apparently making the kids more than a little testy. We got yet another incident report today for bad behavior. Sam's teacher seems to think he's easily influenced and "fights back" when someone starts something with him, but that's no excuse, really.

We're focusing each night on reviewing how he behaved in school and getting rewards for good behavior. Unfortunately, we've also had to resort for punishment for naughty behavior. Tonight, Grave Digger sleeps alone. Sadly, nothing says "you're in trouble" to Sam more than a night without his favorite monster truck.

All of this is an education for a Mommy and Daddy who were total Goody-Two-Shoes growing up. We seriously rarely got in trouble, so behavior reports on a daily basis are really foreign to us. Stubbornness, as my mother will tell you, I am intimately familiar with. How to teach a preschooler, though, the fine line between standing your ground and being outright obnoxious?!


Melissa said...

Oh, we need to talk on the phone!! Camden, as you know, is having some of the same issues. Parenting is so tough! I'd take sleepless nights and diapers back over trying to make these tough parenting choices! :)

Kim said...

Oh no!!! Poor Monster Truck! That is funny though cause Ethan sleep with Grave Digger too... The blue and green one!!