Life as MommyMo

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


This is probably meaningless news to anyone but us and those who have adopted, but our I600-A is out of our hands. One more baby step to a real live baby. Sam is still pledging to be a good big brother (which means letting another child touch his monster trucks without knocking him or her to the ground, I think.) It's interesting to hear him discuss the prospect of a sibling because I'm quite sure he doesn't know what it means. There are days when I think he'll rejoice at having someone to play with at any time. There are also days when I seriously fear what having two children will mean. Sam is in a total whirlwind phase. Multiplied by two?! Lord, help me.

The best news I've had in a while is that Sam got a full day's worth of stickers at school yesterday. Anyone who has spoken to either Rob or I lately know that our little angel has been more than a bit mischievous lately. I'm putting on my best Freud hat and trying to figure out *why* he keeps getting in trouble. My best guess at this point - based on the fact that he's outgrown everything he owns in the space of 10 days -- is that he's going through a growth spurt and is just not himself. I really hope that's it, since I could believe that it will be temporary.

Speaking of growth spurts, the kid who has been clinging to the bottom of the growth charts for weight has packed on almost two pounds in a very short amount of time. That's almost unheard of progress for us. He's up to a whopping 31.4 pounds now! AND, his size 3T pants don't fall down with every step he takes. It doesn't take much to make me happy... I seriously LOVE the few weeks a year when he's in a size that actually fits him. It makes getting dressed a bit less of a challenge. I'm all for anything that makes dressing a child who acts like he's covered in grease every time you try to catch him to put clothes on him less of an ordeal.

I don't want to forget to capture a funny moment from last night that nearly caused injury from the fits of laughter it caused. So... I am working on a couple of things for Relay that will require more than an academic understanding of Facebook, so I finally joined and started playing around yesterday. I asked Rob last night if he was on Facebook (I know I could search for him, but there are a LOT of Robert Beckers on this Earth.) He replied that he'd only joined so that he could see a "Robert Becker Tribute Page" that had been posted by some of his students who apparently REALLY like their history teacher or have way too much time on their hands.

The "Becker moments" posted there are incredibly amusing, but it was when I stumbled upon the pictures these young people have uploaded that I nearly lost it. The first that made me laugh was a picture of Rob in Barnes and Noble last summer. Not immediately funny until you realize that it was taken through the outside window, as if by paparazzi desperate for any photo of the everyday life of a celebrity.

The second was what did me in. There's a photo posted that's ostensibly of Rob, me and Sam at a Relay For Life event a couple of years ago. The caption says that the picture is of "Becker, his lady, Sam, and a child thief." When you stare at the picture, you immediately realize that the alleged "child thief" is actually our dear friend Kim who'd driven quite a distance with her family to join us at Relay. The child she is supposedly trying to steal (which I guess is the interpretation because he's trying to climb out of his stroller towards me and Rob) is actually NOT Sam, but her own son, our little buddy Ethan!

I had to call Kim last night to show her. I knew she'd be amused to be labeled a child thief, particularly since the implication was that she was stealing her own kid. In the students' defense, Sam was not at Relay at the time the photo was taken, so I am guessing they assumed the Korean kid with us was Sam. Most had never met him before.

Here's hoping I can focus on work for the rest of the day. I have CNN on in the background awaiting any nugget of information about the Ohio and Texas primaries. My dear friend Annie is surely doing her part to take some of the red out of Texas by voting in Houston today, no doubt wearing her "Obama is my homeboy" shirt.