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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nighty Night

I really love our nighttime routine. I swear, this 30 min. is the best part of the day. No matter what kind of mood any of us is in, or how tired Sam is, when we have him bathed and we're all in our jammies for the night, it's like we're in our own little world where all Beckers are happy.

Sappy? Yes. But I like it like that.

Here's how it goes:

We have a bath (which, should be noted, is not always one of the Pollyanna parts of the routine.)

After bath, we wrap Sam up in either his puppy or lion towel. Whichever towel he's in, he plays the role of that animal and pretends to roar or bark. It's very cute and comes with it's very own dialogue that can last a full five minutes or so.

Next, we get dressed for bed, and it always manages to be exciting for Sam to see which PJs I'll pull out. No matter that we've worn the same ones night after night, though, Sam still doesn't think it's his job to learn how to put them on himself.

Then comes my favorite part: books. Sam tells Daddy that Mommy is the best reader and Rob goes off to check Drudge Report or football scores (I'm assuming, but it's not hard to guess. I know the man.) Lately, we've been reading Corduroy -- my all-time fave kids book -- and a book Aunt Noel and Uncle David gave Sam for Christmas -- The Human Race. Sam knows most of the many books we read by heart and I randomly stop in the middle of a sentence and he finishes. He does tire of this soon and ends up saying "You read it yourself, Mommy. I'll listen." He goes and grabs his snack and drink during the second book and settles up next to me while I read.

We always say we're only reading two books, but he knows Mommy always reads an extra (or three.) If Daddy comes back in early, Sams uses a stage whisper to deny that we're reading more than two books "No extra books here, Daddy!" It's funny. Maybe you have to be there.

When I'm done reading, Sam runs and hides beneath his covers and I yell to Daddy that "I've lost him again."

Rob comes in, finds him when he gives up searching only to lay down on top of Sam and then they review Sam's "special day."

Most nights, they are whispering to each other, so I can only hear murmuring over the baby monitor. It's very cute. At the end, Rob says good night, and Sam asks us to "leave the hall light on, please. You can turn it off when you go to bed later. Ok, guys?"

I'm sure a version of this routine happens in every single house that has kids, but I still never tire of feeling Sam snuggle up for the last time of the day or hearing him whisper to Daddy that " you guys are my best friends."

It's starting to sink in that another baby will be joining us, and I have been imagining what it will be like to hear Sam and his little sister or brother whispering to each other before bed. I can't wait.


Stu said...

"this 30 min. is the best part of the day"

Better than conference calls with divisions like Eastern. I highly doubt that.

stingray9798 said...

Our bath time is somewhat different. I can't wait until we get to those days.

Stef said...

Here's the sad truth. When you're alone, with 2 kids, the bedtime routine isnt so Pollyana. It's more like those choose your own adventure books (remember those) when everything is smooth sailing, and then someone chooses another ending and the whole thing gets screwed up and you just can't settle down until the book is closed (or 2 kids are snoring).

Melissa said...

Adorable! Love the nighttime routine, although I will say that when he's 4.5 and has learned how to "forget" to do a million little things in order to stay up a little bit later, it loses some of the cuteness. So enjoy it now! LOL