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Thursday, January 24, 2008

I knew it!

I knew I'd forget to come back and blog every day. I'll keep trying. I know I'll want to know what was going on when we find out who our new baby is.

Yesterday was a typical work/school day, but Sam's behavior, alas, was NOT typical. He apparently was quite the unruly child for Ms. Krystyna at school. Now, you have to know that Ms. Krystyna is practically a saint. She has more patience than 10 average people rolled into one. For her to report to Daddy that Sam was pretty much obnoxious and out of control all day long means he was REALLY misbehaving. We had a nice chat when he came home and he behaved like a perfect angel all night.

Incidentally, I asked him *why* he was naughty at school. He replied that "it was just because I really wanted to stay home with Mommy in the morning but I went in to school early with Daddy."

I was trying to finish up a huge project, and since Sam was up, Rob took him in so that I could get some writing done before my phone started ringing for the day. I did get everything on the project done by lunchtime, but I'm not sure it was worth the payoff. I'm also not sure if that's *really* Sam's reason or if he's getting that good at playing us!

I took him in this morning, and he immediately sat down nicely on the rug in his classroom. No one else was there, so I asked what he was doing. He responded that he was practicing being good. That's more like it!

The only other thing to report is what's NOT going to be happening in our house. I got an email from someone who's helping to find a home for a VERY VERY CUTE golden doodle dog. Seriously. He's the cutest little thing and would be a perfect playmate for Franklin and our cousin-dog Whiskey -- also a remarkably adorable golden doodle puppy. Meeting Whiskey is what made me JUST KNOW that this dog must come live with us.

I really did try to convince Rob of our *need* for a companion for Frankie, who I really do think is lonely without Ellie.

Here's how the conversation went.

Me: Seriously. Rob. This dog is soooooo cute. Look at him.
Rob: No.
Me: Just look. And don't you think Frankie is lonely??
Rob: No.
Me: Really? He seems lonely to me. And think how cute and sweet Whiskey is.
Rob: No.
Me: Come on! I promise I'll take care of him (said in a whining tone as if I'm 10 years old and begging for my first pet)
Rob: No.
Me: Well... You think about it.
Rob: No.
Me: Please?
Rob: No.

You get the idea. We did wind up having an annoyingly rational conversation about how Rob thinks Franklin has adjusted as well as to be expected and that there's a new baby coming and that it's easier with one if we want to go on vacation...blah...blah...blah.

So, yeah. Just one dog here.


noelle said...

Hilarious. I laughed out loud... to myself. :)

stingray9798 said...

I have to say, I'm on Rob's side with the dog issue. He made some very valid points in that conversation.

As for Sam, I'm thinking he might have been telling the truth...or he wasn't. That's what I think.