Life as MommyMo

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Days like today

It's days like today that prove why I DON'T blog every day, but I couldn't exactly flake out before I ever got started with my pledge, could I?!

Today was just a regular Tuesday. Not a bad day (save for a really yucky, lingering headache) but not particularly noteworthy either.

Sam did come home with his cute-but-becoming-slightly-grating request (seeing as it's an EVERY DAY THING now): Mommy, Where are my Skittles? Did you get me Skittles today?

The kid apparently thinks I spend my day procuring candy treats for him to enjoy the second he steps in the door. Kinda like June Cleaver, but Skittles instead of a glass of scotch or whatever it was that Ward liked to partake of after work.

I tried a little reverse psychology on Sam at dinner and it totally backfired. As anyone who's ever met Sam knows, the kid struggles a bit in the eating department. I've been more matter of fact about the situation of late and told him that he had a choice: either sit and eat dinner, or go up for a bath and bed. It was only 6:06 p.m. when I made this declaration.

Sam didn't eat, so I went to go up the stairs.

What does he do? Not flop on the floor screaming as I expected, but he follows me squealing with glee: I LOVE baths, Mommy. Can I have bubbles tonight?!

I did hold to the no snacks thing, but seeing as it was the night for Rob's hair cut, I did have to let him come back downstairs. Actually, I myself could have enforced a 6:45ish bedtime, but Rob did not agree. Fight with Daddy? Fight with Sam? Well... Daddy stays up later, so better if he's not mad at me. Like that logic?

The layout you see above is a RAKlift for a scrapper named NevadaJen whose sweet little girl suffered a massive brain bleed just before Christmas and has been struggling to recover since. She was released to rehab today (woooohooo!) but Lauren Reid's creative team has been following their story and wanted to do a round of scraplifts to hopefully let Jen know that we're thinking of her family.