Life as MommyMo

Monday, January 21, 2008

This is post #102 for those of you counting...

...and apparently some people are! My sisters in law both told me that they read my blog more than I realized they did, and it's quite boring when I don't keep up. I've thought about blogging daily, but have never found my own life interesting enough for anyone else to want to read about on a daily basis. A fellow adoptive scrapping blogger, however, inspired me with her blog. She started posting the every day stuff every day so that she and her family would know what they were doing on the day their future child was born. That seems like a really good idea to me, seeing as I honestly have no clue whatsoever what I was doing the day Sam was born.

Rob and I both had today off, so we did an Ikea run (because heaven knows going to Ikea with Sam is NOT fun) and then squeezed in a movie before Sam would have woken up from his nap at preschool. We went to see Juno (spoilers ahead!!), which was really, really an endearing movie. It was about a high school girl who finds out she's pregnant and decides to place her baby for adoption. She gets to know that adoptive parents while she waits to deliver, and the story follows them as they deal with things from both sides. It was not at all melodramatic or maudlin, and was actually really funny in some parts. Rob and I were both in tears, though, through portions of the film. We could totally relate to the meeting in which the adoptive couple feels such anticipation and wonder over whether or not it will all work out (and Juno remarks that they should have just gone to China if they were that worried! Yikes.) as well as a scene in which the AMom gets to talk to the baby through Juno's belly. We will never have those opportunities, but it was completely palpable to watch this woman want a child so desperately and not feel any control over the situation. The real water works started when the AMom holds the baby for the first time. We cried knowing exactly how she felt, and we cried watching the BMom deal with her decision.

We know "our" birthmom is probably in Korea somewhere, struggling through every day. I think our child will probably be born in June or July, so she's probably starting to show now, which I can imagine really complicates the situation for her. I am so thankful that whoever she is, she's made a very difficult decision to give birth to her child and that we will be the recipients of her amazing gift.

So, here I go... I'll try to be back every day, lack of excitement or not, to faithfully record our lives. We may not get the chance to see our child come into the world or feel him or her kick inside a belly, but maybe we'll be able to look back and recall what was happening with us at a moment that we'll later know changed our lives.