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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Prayers Answered

About a year ago, I fell in love with a little boy in Korea named JaeHo. I posted about him here several times... I was so upset that, because he was close in age to Sam and had slight special needs, we would not be allowed to even look at his file. Even worse was knowing that since we was about to turn three, he's probably never be allowed to be adopted. It broke my heart to think he'd be in an institution just because they thought he should not be adopted out of birth order. Ideally I'd agree with that -- but his situation wasn't ideal.

I've thought about JaeHo ever since and prayed that the right family would find him. I was devastated to see his picture removed from RainbowKids, because I was sure it meant he was taken off the list of waiting children.

Well... an amazing mother that we know through Holt here in New Jersey is an incredible advocate for waiting children. She is in process now to adopt her fifth child from Ilsan. She posted on the Holt message board that there were a few wonderful children that she'd had the opportunity to meet who were being sponsored with grants from Brittany's Hope. We'd helped her with a Brittany's Hope fundraiser over a year ago, so are familiar with the program. I, of course, clicked over to the list she was talking about and BURST INTO TEARS to see little JaeHo's face with the best news ever next to his name: I've Found My Forever Family!!

I would have recognized his face anywhere, and he's growing up to be a beautiful child. It makes me so very happy to know that someone is going to bring him home and love him forever. It makes me feel, too, like there was a reason (which I should have trusted in the first place) that we were denied a year ago... It was because his perfect family was still out there.

I hope he gets to travel home very soon!


Kim said...

I don't know why I always forget you have this... I was so happy to read this. I often thought about asking you about the precious little boy, but didn't want to make you sad. This is WONDERFUL news!!!!!!