Life as MommyMo

Friday, February 03, 2006

He's getting so big...

I hear this almost every time someone sees Sam. After even hearing it from Uncle Bubba this week (while visiting Sam's newest buddy, baby Shane!) I decided it was time for another capture-the-moment post.

Sam came home saying a very few Korean words. The only one he still says is "caca." Sounds very cute or slighty gross, depending on your perspective. It actually just translates to "cookie" in Korean. Sam quickly learned that he could get any kind of snack out of Mommy and Daddy if he shouts "MORE CACA!" Much to my parental delight but closeted dismay, he's started to use the actual words for various food items.

Just yesterday morning, the darling child wanted Cheerios and actually said "more cereal, please!" When I asked him what he'd just said, he clarified for his dumb mom and said "CHEER-EE-OHS."

On that note, now that he can say three syllable words, he's decided that he must distinctively pronounce each syllable. Due to what must be a growth spurt (or at least that's what I tell myself so as not to appear too whiny when woken up at 3:30 a.m.), Sam has been waking up at ridiculous hours, screaming his little head off. When we get to his crib, he says in a very demanding tone of voice "HUN-GER-EEE" I get it, kid. You want food.

At much more civilized times of day, Sam has been honing his skills as a politician. The latest conversation with Miss Nicole (his AM daycare teacher) let us in on his time-out escapades. Typically, when put on time out, Sam just laughs at whoever places him in the dreaded bucket seat at school. Nicole tells us that he seems virtually immune to that form of punishment. Well... It appears that it finally got through to the little bugger this week. He was laughing at Miss Nicole when first put in the time-out seat. He got upset the second time. The third time, he decided to focus on finding a way to still play whilst in isolation.

This is what Nicole heard: "Brayden! Jackie! Joshua! Nic! Jason!..." She turned around to find that Sam had gathered "his people" around him and was leading the pack from his elevated perch. This is not unlike the story in which Sam cleaned off the bottom shelf of the classroom bookshelf, climbed in, and had four other toddlers alongside him within seconds.

There are days when I wish I could install a camera on the kid's head so that I could see some of this stuff for myself!