Life as MommyMo

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Just testing...

We just woke up with Sam in our bed. He's been getting sick again after a 6 week reprieve. He just wanted to be near us as he slept, so we caved. (First night without a dog in the bed and we add a kid!)

I'm so glad we did. He did the CUTEST THING EVER when he woke up. We've been feeling his forehead off and on to see if he has a fever. The very first thing he did when he woke up this morning was to feel each of our foreheads, kiss us, and say "Ok!" Like I've-checked-you-out-and-you're-just-fine-now-let's-play.

These are absolutely the best moments to remember. Right after the cuteness, though, it was back to reality. Leaky diaper in Mommy and Daddy's bed....