Life as MommyMo

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

No more caca??

I think Sam may be sneaking onto the computer when we're not watching and reading my blog. Seriously. Just as soon as I posted that Sam's only remaining Korean word is "caca," he stopped saying it! I'm sad in a weird way. I know one word doesn't keep him connected to his birth culture, but it seems like such a shift that he's only speaking English now. For the record, he switched from "caca" to "cacoo" and then pretty much realized he knows how to actually say "cookie." So, "cookie" it is.

Rather than bemoan the loss of a not-so-appealing-in-the-first-place word, I should be rejoicing at the amazing developments we witness on an almost daily basis.

He has started singing with us when we sing to him. He's doing a great job of counting. He can identify an amazing number of picture when we ask him to point them out. He's learning his colors. But our biggest development of the week???

HE EATS CHICKEN!! It sounds so silly to get excited about that, but my little peanut really does need to learn the virtues of protein if he's going to get over the 25th percentile for weight. He's constantly asking for chicken now, so the kid has eaten quite a few nuggets in the last week. Baby steps, I say. We'll go with the healthier stuff when he makes eating like a real person a habit.