Life as MommyMo

Saturday, February 11, 2006

What will he think?

In my mind, this was always one of those mommy moments that I absolutely couldn't wait for: the first time my kid sees snow. When frustrated and convinced that we might never have children, a beautiful snowfall shared with my baby is one of the most frequent visions that would pop into my head. I would always end up so sad, thinking the day of looking out onto our white backyard with a baby in my arms might never come.

Well, it's finally here! Now, I do realize that we had a bit of the white stuff back in December, but it came overnight and wasn't enough to play in. What we have today -- a genuine Nor'Easter with the potential for 8 - 14 inches -- that's my idea of snow! Today Sam walked over to the windows a few times and looked out at the snowfall with a perplexed look on his face. I have a feeling tomorrow will be a lot of fun. Now that the temperature has dropped, we should get some decent accumulation. I can't wait to go outside together and throw snow around in the air.

Every other "mommy moment" that I've waited for and seen come to fruition so far has lived up to its potential. I expect no less of Sam's first snow.

In other news, Sam got a "big boy" haircut today. He's been needing a trim for quite some time. When we finally got him into the chair, we went for broke and cut it all off. He looks so much older! I have a feeling the "she's so beautiful" comments might finally be behind us. Seriously, I dress the kid in camo, and people still think he's a she. I think back to all of my liberal sociology classes in college and cringe that it bothers me so much that he's mistaken for a girl... Just another entry in the long list of things that I swore I'd never do or think when I "grew up!"

Yes, that's who I am today. Sam's mommy... someone who worries about traditional gender roles more than I ought and has more than my fair share of country music on my iPod. A lot can change in 10 years.