Life as MommyMo

Sunday, January 15, 2006

We Share Everything...

...especially germs. And lots of them.

This week was a total whirlwind. Samd seemed to get a *new* cold last weekend. He was stuffy Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday, I thought I was finally rid of a nasty 3-week cold, only to spike a fever for some reason. No worries. Three Advil and I was fine. EXCEPT, just two hours later, Rob has an even higher fever and ends up in bed... even with my family over for dinner.

We all wake up on Monday seemingly feeling better. Rob and Sam go off to school. I head to the airport for a meeting in Phoenix. I land, check messages and hear that Rob's fever is back and he's going home. He said he'd pick up Sam, let him nap at home, then have him checked by the ped for good measure.

Well, since the cell phone towers were down on the west coast, I was unable to check in on my boys. I arrive in my hotel room to a ringing phone. My sister said, "Don't be scared, but Sam is in the hospital!!" Ok. Like I wasn't going to panic.

Turns out he had a febrile seizure while at the doctor's office. His breathing was still bad 90 min. later, so off to the ER. They spent a few hours there and went home when they couldn't find an infection.

Meanwhile, I took my first redeye... Once home, I insist we go back to the ped. Rob had a doc appt. first, and we find out he has strep. Mystery apparently solved. Even though most young kids don't get strep, Sam did. Along with an ear infection and croup to boot. I took care of my boys for another day, only to get strep myself.

A few days on antibiotics (if I had the energy I'd write up Rob's rant over getting Penicillin to my Z-pack), we all seemed better. WRONG. I now have the mother of all colds. Rob and Sam are just fine, yelling at the football games on TV while I struggle for just one good breath.

Wet kisses are too good to turn down. Bites from Sam's spoon and drinks from his cup... not so much. Enough with the sharing!