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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One week

I've been on Sonoma for one week now, and can actually say I'm enjoying myself. How weird is that?! I always like the sense I control I feel once I decide I need to formally follow a diet, but this sense goes beyond that. The food tastes good and Rob and I are cooking more. That means we spend more time together and get to talk. Before we committed to follow a diet plan that required A LOT of cooking, we used up every spare minute we had and one of us (mostly Rob) rushed to get something quickly on the table. The recipes we're using now mean that both of us usually need to be in the kitchen. I suppose a more experienced cook wouldn't find it that way, but neither of us are gourmets and we also have a nearly four-year-old who is STILL in the beige food phase.

Rob's having his willpower tested sooner than I am. He goes to Ohio for a Relay For Life Advisory Team meeting this weekend. I can let him report back on how easy it is to follow Sonoma when on the road. My dear friend Kelli tells me we can do it. She's been amazingly successful already and is the one who finally convinced me to try something other than Weight Watchers. So far, I've lost as much weight in the first week as I would have on WW (four pounds, for anyone in the Relay 10 lb. club who's counting!!)

I just realized that I've typed two entire paragraphs about a diet. Wow. What fun for no one else but me. Sorry. My blog, my free therapy.

I'm off to start an early day of work. I have more to do than I can possibly get done, and needed one day with a few extra hours in it to at least *feel* like I'm making headway. Lord knows I've learned that when you're flying solo with Sam, not much but the basics gets done!


Alice said...

Karen, congrats on the diet ! It's such a hard step ! I took it last september and since then i've lost about 15kg (around 30 pounds i guess). I'm not in a particular diet i go to see a doctor, and it helps me ! Although right now i don't loose as much as i wish but i know that the work i'm doing right now will pay !
Good luck

Melissa said...

Congrats on the diet! You've got more will power than me - I need to diet for sure.