Life as MommyMo

Friday, April 11, 2008

Catching Up

(photo from bjyphotos)

I suppose that someday I will realize that my no-longer-new job means crazy months at the beginning of the year. I've been traveling so much lately that I have a hard time catching up to myself once I'm home again. This last trip was longer than usual, but it was because I went to Kansas City and got to visit family for a few days. It was so fun to hang out with everyone, especially Angie, Tony and the kids. I miss Luca and Joey already!

Other than getting Sam snuggles again, the greatest thing about being home is that I arrived to 80-degree weather! The first day I can skip wearing socks is a banner day in my year. I will probably still find reasons to wear pants just so I can wear my comfy boots a few more times, though. I'll have to bug Kim to go shopping for the flip-flop version of Uggs with me, now that I understand the addiction.

The last night I was in Kansas City, a few of us took our dear friend Kelli out to wish her good luck in her new position with ACS. We had a blast at a Roger Clyne show at the tiniest and perhaps seediest place I've been (voluntarily) in quite a while. As it turns out, there really is an "other side of the tracks" and it's located off Rochester Ave. in Kansas City. If I ever had to wonder what a real live honky tonk looks like, I found it on Wednesday night. We saw the show crushed in with several hundred other die-hard fans, breathed way more secondhand smoke than anyone affiliated with the Society should, and were close enough to touch Mr. Clyne himself. I happily behaved like a groupie for the evening and loved every second of it. Now, if I could just convince my dear husband that a trip to Mexico for Circus Mexicus is the perfect birthday gift...

Sam, thankfully, is feeling much better after a week of fighting a fever. He recovered by Saturday for the most part, only to spike another fever on Monday afternoon. We're waiting for (painfully slow to return) results of a urine culture, since the doctors can't think of what else would cause his fever to come back. It was up over 104 on Monday afternoon!

Rob and I are going to spend the weekend doing one of our favorite volunteer activities: teaching the pre-marriage course at our church. I am wondering, however, how two people who have only been in the same house for four nights in the last three weeks are going to pass muster. I am awfully happy to see him. Maybe we can demonstrate that you can still be super happy to see your spouse after more than seventeen years together!