Life as MommyMo

Monday, April 28, 2008

A fun list

I love these lists for some reason... And I'm not quite ready to dive into email at this early hour.

Where is your cell phone? In my purse...needing to be charged
Your significant other? on his way to school for the day
Your hair? Is still in shock from being cut off last week; at least it's not grey for the moment
Your mother? needs a good vacation
Your father? probably already on his way to work in Kansas. I should call him today.
Your favorite thing? My computer
Your dream last night? I don't remember any dreams from last night.
Your favorite drink? iced tea, Ferrari Carano Siena, Belvedere vodka gimlet
Your dream/goal? to land a Relay For Life story in People magazine
The room you’re in? our living room
Your ex? Who knows? I haven't had an "ex" since high school. I'm pretty sure the last one is living in Michigan.
Your fear? People touching my pillow; not getting a referral until next year
Where do you want to be in 6 years? If a few key people/family would agree to pick up and move with us... back in Kansas City
Where were you last night? At home, watching Rob practice Wii tennis
What you’re not? a good cook
Muffins? We're following the Sonoma diet, so no muffins in this house.
One of your wish list items? Gucci by Gucci
Where you grew up? Lenexa, Kansas
The last thing you did? read a Max and Ruby book to Sam
What are you wearing? sweats
Your TV? tuned to The Upside Down Show
Your pets? Frankie is half in/half out in the rain; Roosevelt still seems to be sleeping in his bowl
Your computer? an iMac that is quickly running out of space
Your life? too busy and missing one little person, but otherwise quite happy!
Your mood? ready to write
Missing someone? Kathy -- we haven't had much time lately
Your car? a Toyota Sienna that's probably feeling unloved because Sam and I always talk about getting a Prius while we're in the car
Something you’re not wearing? lipstick
Favorite store? jjill
Your summer? restful and fun, since the boys are both home all day
Like someone? lots of people
Your favorite color? probably green
Last time you laughed? this morning when Sam woke up calling me a Silly Head
Last time you cried? last week at the airport when I saw Patriot Guard riders roll in to meet a soldier coming home from Iraq


Anonymous said...

I love reading this blog, makes me miss you even more than I do. Thank goodness for the K & K morning show, I would lose it, if not for that. Miss you, Kel