Life as MommyMo

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Early Birthday

I'm not sure if I'm about to turn 34 or 14, but I got an early birthday present today that makes me feel like a tween. We just happened to go into Target as they were stocking Wiis. Rob tells me they're still really hard to get, and I've had an interest in one since we picked one up at the very same Target under the very same circumstances for someone else back in February. I've also heard people talk since Christmas about how much fun they are. So... I decided it would be fun for us, too, and since they were right there, we got one.

We hooked it up during Sam's naptime and played for almost two hours. As it turns out, I'm quite an accomplished Wii bowler. I'm more in Barack Obama's league when it comes to knocking down pins, but give me a Wii control, and I'm unstoppable. I scored a 196 in my third game. Something tells me that I need to learn how to change the skill level. I think I may be playing at the Nintendo equivalent of bumper bowling!


Kimgw74 said...

Ted is sooo jealous and wants to know when he can come and play!??!?! Did the have more left??