Life as MommyMo

Monday, March 16, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

Thank goodness I have friends who not only check out this blog, but do so in enough detail to notice when things are glaringly incorrect.

We were SOOOOO proud of ourselves for getting the car seats installed this weekend. In fact, you may recognize this picture from a posting done on Saturday. As I was talking to my friend Jeff this morning, however, he immediately noticed a major parenting faux pas in the photo.

I stared and stared and didn't know what it was, but he saw it immediately. Baby Max is only 8 months old, therefore his car seat should be installed in rear-facing fashion.


Rob will be thrilled to find out he gets to take on this little project all over again. Kind of like how he had to disassemble the crib and put it back together again just before this photo was taken.

Chalk it up to item number 23432907 that we don't know about parenting an infant. Here's to being a quick study from here on out.