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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The whole theory about movement in the adoption process when you're about to crack is still holding true for us. Rob commented over coffee early this morning that I looked like I was about to lose it. I was apparently clenching my jaw without even realizing it and generally looking like I was wound as tight as could be.

I decided to take that into consideration and risked calling the National Visa Center as soon as they opened this morning. I say "risk" because I was worried that if I got more bad news, that I'd be distracted and cranky on my LONG day of conference calls today. When I realized I was going to be more distracted not knowing, I dialed.

The lady on the phone asked all the usual questions... I could hear her clicking away on her keyboard. When she asked for the beneficiary's name, I was sure she was about to tell me -- again -- that they only show our 2005 case in the system. My heart sunk. I heard more clicking, then she asked MY name. I immediately realized she was confirming what she was seeing on the screen.

Her next question was "How can I help you?" I was confused for a second, thinking: Lady, I just asked you for the status of my I600. I replied that I wanted a status update and she said it was logged in yesterday.

I realize these details are beyond tedious for anyone not familiar with the process, but I swear, as soon as I hung up the phone, I thought to myself that this kind of joy at a minor step must be what a pregnant woman thinks/feels when she feels her baby kick for the first time.

He'll be home soon and I'm soooo happy about it!


shelley said...

How fabulous! We are so happy for you three (four)!!

Sending you lots of love!

The Lewis Clan said...