Life as MommyMo

Friday, May 30, 2008

A break...

I've been writing for what seems like DAYS for work! I'm not really complaining since I really like to write, but my eyes are starting to bug out. I thought I'd take a quick lunch break and what do I do? Go poke around online! I thought of trying to eat lunch with my eyes closed to give them a break, but that doesn't work well when you're eating salad!

The next best thing? Spending a few minutes daydreaming about vacation... Between the impending adoption of our second sweetie and the construction of a new kitchen (woohoo!) we're not doing much in the way of a formal vacation this year. When I ran across a blog post at The Sweet Shoppe today, though, it gave me a few minutes to daydream about where I *would* go if I could swing it.

The easy answer for me: I want to go heli-hiking in Banff. Not such an easy vacation with a preschooler, but I swear that I will take two trips before I die. I will heli-hike in the Canadian Rockies and we will take a trip to South Korea as a family.

I think our alternative this year will be a short road trip to do something fun with Sam. It may not get much more exotic than New York, Pennsylvania or Massachusetts, but at least we'll get away together.


Kimgw74 said...

Eating lunch with your eyes closed?!?! Hmmmm....

I could do that since I like beverages more than food!