Life as MommyMo

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Wardrobe update

I'm a bit too tired for a full Relay recap right now. I couldn't possibly do it justice in my state of exhaustion, but at least a couple of people commented on my earlier wardrobe nightmare post, so to put your mind at ease, here's a brief bit of justication for this weekend.

1. I promised no more bandannas. I lived up to that one. It was 92 degrees and ridiculously humid this weekend, but I wore my melted coif proudly. Better to have bad hair than sport a purple pirate look.

2. Mismatched clothing? I handled that one with ease, too. Regular purple polo and khaki shorts for the entire event. I do think they were a few sizes bigger by the afternoon, stretched out from the dampness of the day, but at least I was wearing coordinated colors.

3. Pasty white legs? Well, that would have been a good trend -- at least healthwise -- to continue. Not so much. The humidity meant lots of sweating. Lots of sweating meant the SPF 55 I applied just slid right off. I now look like a splotchy lobster. I have a bright red "V" from the polo shirt and patches of crazy burn on the backs of my knees! Who gets burned there?!

I'm off to apply more aloe spray and take a nap.

Here's a newspaper article on the event, for your reading pleasure: