Life as MommyMo

Friday, June 29, 2007


Thanks for the calls, comments, emails and prayers. I appreciate it! I'm off for a round of tests today that I HOPE gives me a real answer. I can't imagine there's too much more to check out, but as fascinating as I find medicine, there's clearly a ton I don't know... even when they try to spoon feed the info. to me!

Sam has settled into his summer at home pretty nicely. He and Daddy have a little routine going that seems to work. Up around 7, morning snack (don't utter the word breakfast or you'll get an early morning dose of the whines) and then off for an hour's walk in the wagon. Hopefully when I feel like an hour walking around won't kill me, I'll be able to join them!

They come home, have another snack, play outside, then we all have lunch together. Most days, I'm able to help get him down for his nap before getting back to work. By the time Sleepyhead wakes up, I'm winding down for the day. There are the occasional errands and playdates thrown in, but as long as Daddy keeps the schedule moving, Sam's a happy guy.

He started copying us again, which I always find amusing. I don't know what he *thinks* we've said, but if you ask him a question that he chooses to answer in the affirmative, he replies, "Absolutey positooney!"

He also must have listened to Mommy, and hearing the words repeated back were hilarious and a bit embarrassing at the same time. I sound like that?!

Rob said he was going to do something. Can't recall what it was. Sam looked up at him, exaggeratedly shrugged his shoulders and said, "Are you KIDDIN' me, Daddy? You must be kiddin."

Uh Oh. Good thing we swore off swearing a long time ago...