Life as MommyMo

Thursday, August 10, 2006

My life as affected by the news

It just dawned on me how very much my life has changed in the past just-over-a-year. First, I'm working while my husband and son at are Gymboree. I wasn't quite sure what Gymboree even was at this time last year.

More significantly, though, is the fact that the latest news of a terrorism plot has real ramifications in my very own life. I'm sitting here stunned by the fact that I can no longer carry my bags onto the MANY planes that I travel on each month. I can't check bags, because checking bags would mean no hair product. No hair product means a slightly deranged look. Slighty deranged and serious business meetings aren't typically a good combination.

Now... of course I understand that the state of my "do" is unbelievably insignificant in the grand scheme of things. After all, very disturbed people are spending their free time plotting to blow up aircraft, thereby killing large numbers of people at once. Thank heavens for the people who devote their lives to making sure this kind of thing is prevented.

It's just so strange to sit here and think how much terrorism has affected my daily life. In some ways, they really are getting what they want: we're all terrified and affected in various ways.

I vow not to get annoyed at long security lines (which is a big commitment) since I know that they'll mean I get back safely to my family. That is worth the wait.