Life as MommyMo

Monday, August 07, 2006

I was tagged...

I have been tagged by Leslie, so here are my answers...

5 things in my freezer: Waffles, Ice Packs, more ice cream than I should admit, peas, coffee we brought back from our vacation

5 things in my closet: lots of Relay Gear, several sizes of clothing, a bridesmaid dress, Rob's ties, the shoes I wore for my wedding

5 things in my car: transponder for my iPod, several Thomas trains, a car seat, my cell phone charger and an EZPass

5 things in my purse: my iPod, wallet, inhalers, business cards I've collected and a Weight Watchers Point slider

5 things in my wallet: license, US Airways Dividend Miles card, Marriott Rewards card, business cards to give away, Canadian coins

People I tag to do this list:
I'm supposed to tag someone with a blog, but Leslie is my only blogging friend and she tagged me.... Uh oh! I'm breaking the chain.


The Yanceys said...

It took me awhile before people started commenting on my blog, and as you see, sometimes I say, "Hello, is there anyone out there."

Keep blogging though...It is great to read.