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Friday, September 07, 2007

Week One

The first week back at daycare was, by far, the most successful we've had thus far. Sam adjusted like a champ. He might be a little bit more tired than usual, but not a single (major) meltdown was had for a whole week!

The closest we came to any sort of trauma related to school came on Day 2. Sam is not quite back in the get-up-early groove, and slept through Breakfast Room time. Well, the Breakfast Room is chock full of cool trucks AND his favorite teacher, Ms. Mary, calls that room home. The pull was just too great when we arrived and had to go straight to the Owls room. The poor thing flopped right down in the hallway and wailed that he wanted Ms. Mary and her trucks! More than one door opened, with a teacher peeking out to see what the commotion was! Ms. Krystyna came right to the rescue. She scooped Sam up and pulled down a bucket of Matchbox cars. The tears were gone in an instant. Crisis averted!

Ms. Krystyna seems like she'll be a fabulous pre-school teacher. She sent home an impressive letter about all the kiddies will learn in her class this year... And she's one of THOSE who gave homework on the first night! Sam spent Tuesday night searching the house for the perfect item that starts with the letter 'A' to take in for "Show and Share."

"Show and Share..." What about political correctness made us change the term "tell?" by the way? Is it too bossy and directive for the under-4 set? Has Barney convinced the world that everything about the world requires sharing?! I really don't mind, I just found it mildly amusing when I first heard it. Sam can use all the reminders he can get about sharing... Perhaps some wise teacher decided he wasn't the only one with a case of the gimme-that-back-it's-MINEs!

Tomorrow we're off to the Holt Family Picnic with Kim, Ted and Ethan. The boys may get more out of the car ride with Hard Hat Harry playing, but it will be nice to see some friends that we don't get to catch up with very often. There are a few new babies that I can't wait to hold! The reality that we're ready for #2 has been slowly sinking in this week.... We may have a new baby by next Christmas. I can hope!


Melissa said...

Hope you guys had a great time at the picnic!

Camden has "show and tell" today for the first time (I guess we're not as politically correct in Tennessee! LOL)