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Saturday, September 29, 2007

I forgot

I'd forgotten how much paperwork is really involved in adoption! I guess I'd blocked it out... The agency director told us yesterday that she'd send over the "personal data forms" that go with our application so that we can fill them out this weekend. Those three words are an awfully innocuous description for what feels like the third degree on paper!

Sixteen pages of essay questions! I've already spent three hours writing today, and I'm only on page nine! I know.... I know... It's all worth it to have a baby, but I can't help but whine a bit that while I know it's important to thoroughly screen people before allowing them to adopt children, it's crazy how much information you have to give. I can't think of a single bio parent I know who had to recount all of their childhood traumas, every single family member who might have ever had an extra drink or a slight case of the crazies before they got pregnant.

I know. It's different. I don't really mind, but I'd certainly forgotten how intrusive this process can really be. No wonder we were so happy to have a break for a while when we finalized Sam's adoption!

I did take a break from the Inquisition to scrap a page from Sam's first field trip last week. I like how it turned out. I obsessed over scrapping what was such a big, yet little, day. I have no idea why I made it such a big project! I think Stand Up and Scrap stress is starting to rub off on all my scrapping! I might scrap a few more pics of the day once Lauren Reid re-releases Abby's Orchard. She didn't have it in her new ScrapArtist store, but I PMed her at My Scrapbook Art and begged just a little and she said she was going to touch it up a bit and sell it again. WooHoo!


Kim said...

I am so not looking foward to that.. I kinda was hoping that maybe we wouldn't have had to do that again.. I don't think my early childhood tramas are any different now than they were before Ethan... Great LO though!!

Melissa said...

Oh, I totally hear ya on the paperwork - I had completely forgotten how much there is!