Life as MommyMo

Monday, February 15, 2010

Date Day!

Last week was slooooow and busy all at the same time thanks to -- count them -- TWO blizzards. I actually can't recall the last time we had measurable snowfall twice in a single week let alone two bona fide blizzards. For the record, the news tells me we had 44.3 inches in five days. We're supposed to get another storm tonight, but I think this one is only bringing a couple of inches. I doubt the school districts will even blink. Thank goodness.

Having everyone home for most of the week made the week drag to some degree, but we were still frantically busy trying to keep the kids occupied and get ourselves and anyone else who needed us dug out from under the snow. And, of course, when you work from home and your office is technically in Atlanta, there is no such thing as a snow day. So I was trying to manage conference calls and all kinds of assignments while Rob managed the kids and finding stuff for them to do ALL DAY for TWO DAYS.

That's what convinces me that we earned today. Because of the Dec. 20 snow day that Sam got and Rob did not, Sam has school today. Rob and I both, though, have President's Day off, so we're having an official date day. It's an incredibly rare event that we have that much child care working in our favor... I literally can't recall the last time we went out alone just because we wanted to. Rob has a terrible cold. I have dentist appointment. Rob has several Relay volunteers calls to make. I have an assignment that I really need to focus on without the phone ringing. BUT... We're still going to lunch and movie, darn it. We will have fun today if it kills us!