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Thursday, April 02, 2009

How much longer?

Okay, so I said before that I was being patient. I was. Then. Today, not so much.

I am calm enough about *why* Max isn't home yet, but am really getting anxious about this last phase. I just read another post on the Holt board about someone who's waited from visa even longer than we have for an escort. Rob has a theory about travel around Easter that I suppose could be true.

All I know is that I'm totally velcroed to my phone these days. Each day, I am more and more convinced that it just *has* to be today (or whatever day that happens to be) since the calls usually come much sooner than this. I'm obviously not expecting to have him home this weekend, but I think Easter must still be a good possibility. He has a cute outfit all ready. Maybe I need to make Holt aware of that.

Not being one to enjoy abrupt changes in his routine, Rob is positively serene about this last delay. It's not because he's not itching to have Max home, but because he'd done his best to plan two field trips with his students that wouldn't interfere and it was really looking like he'd have to resort to Plan B. Now that we clearly won't have Max home today or tomorrow, he can handle those trips for his school and not have anything else to fret about once the call comes. In a weird way, it would almost work in our favor for the call to come today. On most days, I wouldn't be able to immediately reach him with the news. Since he's just chaperoning in New York today, he'll be able to answer his cell all day. That part will be very nice. I don't know that I can handle any more delayed gratification!

I must say that my friends have been amazingly supportive about everything. I swear, the Facebook comments from people who let us know that they are wishing on our behalf and praying for a quick call keep me smiling when I might be crying otherwise. It's been really great to be able to share the experience so openly with people I know from all across the country. Max will certainly know he's loved when he hears those stories!

Okay. I'll try to stop the broken-record-whining for today. :-)


Melissa said...

Is your husband a teacher?

When we got Rory's referral, I could not get ahold of Brian for anything (he's a 4th grade teacher)! It was so frustrating! Hoping you hear something today!!