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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Again with the cuteness

Sam's full of adorable conversation lately.

It's been a rather long week for everyone, yet our son still decided to rise with the chickens this morning. That meant that once lunch was over, it was time for both Daddy and Sam to try to take a nap.

Normally, Sam would nap in his own room, but since we don't have room darkening curtains in there yet, he and Rob have been laying down together in our room (since I'm a terrible napper anyway.) During these naps, Rob, recognizing that Sam is the only human on the planet allowed to touch my pillow, lays Sam down on my side of the bed.

Apparently Sam was feeling the need to shake things up a bit today, so asked Rob if they could switch sides. Rob replied that Mommy doesn't like Daddy to sleep on her side. Sam interpreted that to be an enormous slight, so came running down the stairs to rectify the situation.

He came up to me, put his hand on top of mine and said...

SAM: Mommy, I need to ask you something very important.

MOMMY: Ok. What is it?

SAM: Do you think Daddy could sleep on your side for naptime today?

MOMMY: (tried to reply)

SAM: (All in one breath) Because, Mommy. I never get to sleep on the other side. Daddy always sleeps over there. I really want him to switch places with me, but you won't let him. If you say yes, I will tell him that you said it was ok. And if you say it's ok, you'll make me happy. Oh, and saying yes also will make God happy. And the Earth, too.

So... letting Sam take a nap on the other side of the bed will please my son, my husband, the entire planet AND God? Hard to say no to that.


Noël said...

Seriously. You're killing me.