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Friday, June 06, 2008

This week

This has been one of the most un-fun weeks I've had in ages. It's sad and frustrating all at once to have thing begin to change when you're just not ready for it. It's hard to watch the one you love the most struggle so much with it.

Because this is at least in theory a public blog, I don't want to violate anyone's privacy by putting down in black and white what all the stress is about, but suffice it to say it's taking it's toll on my husband, and I fear we're only getting started with what's to come.

My superman husband is tormenting himself about all the good he's supposed to be doing in the world tomorrow. He's genuinely needed in more places than one body is capable of occupying, and it's breaking him down to decide what to do. I may have to slip something into his root beer tonight to get him to sleep. Poor guy. Then again, it times of intense stress, Rob seems to be able to just drop off to sleep as a way of escape. Let's hope he at least gets that much respite!

I took Sam to Family Fun Night at Laurel Tree tonight. He has markedly matured since last year when he ran from activity to activity like a whirlwind. He was calm tonight and actually ate a little bit. What he ingested wasn't healthy, but edible substances did enter his body. That's progress.

He also spent a good deal of time in the world's largest moonbounce. A few parents let little itty bitty kids go in this contraption. Sam saw a roughly 18 month old girl start to cry when she got bounced into, resulting in a bloody lip. His first instinct was to stop, watch her intently, then rush to me to ask if she was ok and how he could make her feel better.

This week may be stressful, but God seems to have a way of letting me know that things will still be ok!


Kimgw74 said...

Rob and his family and of course you are in my thoughts and prayers. I know that Rob will make the right choices and do the best he can...