Life as MommyMo

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Lauren Reid posted a fun little challenge on her creative team blog a couple of days ago, and I had fun playing along today.

It's kind of a yucky day here... I like snow, but I prefer the cold, wet weather when I don't have to be anywhere. I woke up to snow, left for church in freezing drizzle and came home from church (only to have to return for a meeting an hour later) in sleet. My day got much better when I came home, changed into fleecy pants and scrapped by the fire!

In other news, we saw Ellie's vet at church today. We're not at all sure what to do, but she has a young dog she's trying to place that we are considering. He's only nine months to a year old and was found roaming Fairmount Park, scrounging for food in the trash. She's nursed him back to health and he's being fostered by a family who just doesn't have room for one more dog. They think he might be part Ibizan. He's reportedly great with kids and a really sweet little guy. Part of me thinks Frankie might be less mopey with a companion, but we're also not sure that a new dog when we're waiting for a new child is a good idea.

We'll keep thinking about it. I'll try to make the decision with my head and not my heart!