Life as MommyMo

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm sweet and sassy

At least that's what Robin Carlton tells me! This was a seriously fun week for scrapping. I made Lauren Reid's creative team last weekend and nearly FELL OFF my chair when I got an email from Robin Carlton asking me to join her team, too! It's really good that I'm on vacation this week. I have so much to play with!

I also was more than pleasantly surprised to log on to the Digi Dares this week and find my layout posted as last week's random winner. A-shopping I will go...

As I type, my muse, Sam, is standing a few feet away with a GIGANTIC balloon hat on his head. The contraption has a fishing pole thingy on the end of it, and Sam is chasing the fish like a horse trying to get a carrot. It's hilarious. He got it as our friend Milana's birthday party and has been amused for about three hours and counting now. Of all the days for my camera battery to be without a charge!

When we went to leave the party, Sam thought we were going to go without the balloon hat and proceeded to yell, "NOT FAIR, DADDY!" as we tried to urge him out the door. When Rob told him to stop yelling and rethink his attitude, he replied "I'm taking you to the pet store daddy. You're going to be like a sad puppy and no one will help you."


On a more somber note: Occasionally I ask those who are of the praying persuasion to pray for specific things if and when they read this. I feel like it's just been a week of bad news in many respects. Please keep the family of four-year-old Andrew in your thoughts... Andrew's dad works with me at ACS. The whole family is just amazing. Little Andrew was diagnosed with an rare and aggressive cancer a couple of years ago. He passed away this Wednesday and would have turned five next week. I have thought about this little boy constantly since meeting him and his dad about two years ago. I know who I'll be Relaying for this year...