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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pre-Trick-or-Treat drama

My dreams of a child who enjoys the eve of All Saints Day as much as his nearly middle-aged father does are dashed once again.

We went through WEEKS of prep to prepare for this day. We carefully selected a Sam-approved costume. We discussed said costume with everyone who would listen. We compared the get-up to that worn by Fireman Sam himself. We went to two Halloween parades. We ate candy every night just to prove that it's all worth it in the end (ok... that last one is just pure self-indulgence, really.)

All for naught.

That pouting picture? It's mild compared to what ensued when Ms. Krystyna (GASP) asked the kids to sing Halloween songs. Sam's response was nothing short of melodramatic. He whimpered. Then he whined. Then he cried. Then he bawled. Then he gave up and left the group to curl up with me.

The poor kid! It's a holiday that's supposed to be fun. I will admit his mood brightened when I became the mom passing out Cheetos to all of the kids in his class. He even smiled and asked for "more cheesy puffs, please!"

We'll see how it all goes tonight. I think it's possible the cold he's fighting just wasn't allowing him to be his chipper self. Well... I'd believe that line myself if the child had EVER enjoyed Halloween. He just cries and whines every year.

We kept Sam home from school yesterday in the hopes that he'd rest up and be happy today. He woke up crying this morning. I asked him if something hurt, expecting him to say his throat hurt or that his nose was stuffy. An aside: his nose should have hurt... His face and bed were totally covered in blood this morning. It looked like some horror flick had been filmed in the bottom bunk while he slept.

But, no. What hurt Sam today? "My arm."

Off to school you go!


Melissa said...

Oh, I know I shouldn't laugh at this, but I am! :) Too funny!