Life as MommyMo

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

On the Move

We're on the move... in more ways than one.

I'm being a brave mommy according to anyone who's heard that I'm headed to Kansas City today with Sam in tow. I've got a meeting with in our High Plains office on Wednesday, so took the opportunity to use up leftover vacation time. I'm excited to introduce Sam to many of my family members for the first time!

I'm not so sure how brave I am. I think that award went to Rob when he flew to Laguna Beach with an 18-month-old Sam to visit me at another meeting. Sam had been home just five months and Rob braved two legs of air travel to meet me in Orange County. Alone.

I've got a slightly older and more experienced child traveler with me, as well as my mom. Nonni will be put to work this week, I'm sure!

Sam's very excited to hit the road. He's known we're going for weeks and keeps asking when we get to fly on "Big Jake," the freakishly weird looking passenger jet on Jay Jay the Jet Plane. I also told him we were going to visit my family, including my Uncle Bob. I relayed this bit of information while in Sam's room, seated in front of his Bob the Builder tent. There's a two-foot-tall picture of Bob on the tent. Sam leaned over to Bob's ear and exclaimed, "Bob! We're comin' to your house!"

My Uncle Bob is all prepared to fill the role. He even bought a hard hat for the occasion. Sam now asks me daily is Bob if going to show him his tools. As luck would have it, my uncle has plenty of tools in his garage to show to a delighted toddler. He has granddaughters, so I think he's secretly eating up the opportunity to show a little boy his own toys!

The other move news is not terribly dramatic for anyone but me, but will suck up naptime for a few weekends to come. I'm working on moving my blog to WordPress so that I can have a bit more creative control. It's probably some sort of clinical problem that I'm manually moving every post I've ever made just so that I can have a digiscrapped blog banner on my page.

I'll get even more ambitious once that move is made. I'm responsible for launching Relay For Life's first-ever website (with the help of lots of people much smarter than me, of course.) It's built in Drupal, a modestly amusing word for open source software. I like to know as much as possible about how things I'm responsible for actually work, so I'm going to learn Drupal by building my own webpage/blog. Rob has visions of me somehow making money that way to help fund the next adoption, but my sights aren't set quite that high. I'll be happy with some proficiency in coding as well as a pretty page to post all of the stuff I make.

I wonder when I officially inherit a "geek" title?!