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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The musings of a two-year-old

Someone on the Holt adoption boards started a really cool thread about what you love about your kids at certain ages. I read it on a Saturday morning, so had more time than usual to ponder the subject. I couldn't believe how long a list I came up with of the recent things Sam does. Clearly I'm biased, but the kid has personality, that's for sure.

In keeping with what my original intent for this blog was anyway -- figuring out a way to capture such moments for posterity given that I'm deficient in the scrapbooking gene -- here goes...

Air guitar/air drums/air piano/Rock On! Not that we use our child as a puppet, but it is quite amusing what you can ask him to do on command. Ask him to play air guitar, and he does. He will also play air drums and air piano. You can end this little game by saying "Rock on!" and he does a two-year-old version of squirmy dancing and head banging.

Tunnels/brides If we come anywhere near a tunnel or bridge (and driving under highway signs count as bridges) Sam yells "Tunnel! (or Bidge, no "r") and holds up his arms and yells "WEEEEEEEEEE!" No idea where this came from, but passersby probably think we are all crazy since Rob and I now do it with him.

THOMAS Sam is obsessed. I don't see the charm, personally, but he's all about Thomas and his many train friends. He sleeps with the toys, asks for Thomas on TV nonstop and hums the theme song to himself.

"I LOVE MY DADDY/MOMMY!!!" Sam must be more comfortable with expressing his feelings lately, because he'll proclaim to anyone within a 5 block radius (the kid has some serious lungs) that he loves his mommy or daddy. Very cute, but odd that he thinks this phrase should be YELLED!

Faster Faster! Sam now tries to sing every song he knows as fast as he can. It's so funny. He can sing the Bob the Builder theme song in triple time.

All right? Ok? Poor Sam has had his fair share of germs over the past year. When he coughs or sneezes a lot, we ask "Are you alright? Are you ok?" Sam now asks us if we cough or sneeze -- or make any noise that could be construed as such -- "Awright, Mommy?" "Ok, Mommy?" He drops everything to make sure you're doing just fine.

"Night Night, Guys" Sort of like the Waltons, toddler style. When we put Sam down for a nap or for the night, he now yells as soon as we leave the room. He used to yell because he was upset. Now he screams, "Night Night, Guys!" and then addresses us each individually. He continues this little exchange, with us often responding from downstairs, for about 5 full minutes.

Doin'?? About 100 times a day, Sam asks us what we're doing. It comes out as, "Doin' Mommy?"

Massachusetts, Alabama! I travel a lot. Sam is learning his state names as I go to new places. He loves to say Massachusetts, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi.

RELAY!! I know it's a cult, but the kid recognizes the logo!!

I find Sam amusing, can you tell?!


The Yanceys said...

I will be a regular reader to your blog.

I can remember those days with Tyler and can't wait to see them come with Joshy.

Karen, you have a beautiful family.

Oh, by the way Tyler did an interview for Slip, Slap, Slop and asked, "Where is the Relay Mommy."

Karen said...

I think you're my first, and probably ONLY, regular reader! I just bookmarked your blog, too. Tell Tyler he's a cool kid for keeping Relay in mind. Makes me proud!