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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

And we're off...

First, I have no business whatsoever writing this post right now. I have the typical oh-no-I-have-more-work-to-do-than-can-ever-get-done-before-leaving-for-vacation dilemma going on today. Couple that with the fact that my laptop needs some serious surgery and is being shipped off to Corporate IT in the last FedEx collection of the day, meaning by 4 p.m., and you get my drift. Ahem. I should be working right now, not blogging about my first ever true Becker family vacation.

But, a very sweet coworker that I only know by phone and email right now has just informed me that she has a blog. Ever one to be distracted by more interesting things than the drafting of fundraising talking points, I jumped right over to Blogger to "see" her and her adorable kids. She has a post in there somewhere indicating that a fellow blogger keeps on her case so that her blog stays updated. I have no such person, but feeling the vicarious pressure, decided I should post. Heading off for our first trip as a family of three is a milestone that should be noted anyway.

I'm approaching this trip with a healthy mix excitement at all of the fun stuff we're sure to do in Victoria and fear that Sam will be the toddler from you-know-where as soon as we board a nonstop, transcontinental flight.

I also have vague memories of what the poor little guy, as well as his exhausted new parents, experienced last year when his time zones were shuffled. I can only imagine what sleeping in a strange house that lags three hours behind his own body clock will mean.

Assuming that we can weather the actual flight and all get at least some rest, I'm sure we'll have a blast doing all of the cool vacation stuff that you don't do (at least we didn't) until you have kids. We've been to British Columbia several times over the past 15 years, but this time, we'll be sure to hit places like the butterfly sanctuary and the tidepools.

I'll be sure to get back on the whole picture posting thing when we return.

Until then, we're off!


The Yanceys said...

I am your person to keep you blogging. You just wait....

Comment on to one of my blogs and then the people that read mine,can jump to yours.

Enjoy your first Becker Family Vacation. I am sure it will be one you never forget...