Life as MommyMo

Sunday, April 16, 2006

No more rocking?

I seem to be posting a lot about the baby stuff Sam is giving up. I think the latest might be rocking him to sleep. It makes me so sad to think that he no longer needs a good dose of mommy time before going to bed. We used to have a whole nighttime ritual, but now he just wants to lay down with his Thomas the Tank Engine book. I shouldn't complain, I suppose, since he's going to bed with no fuss at all. I just miss the snuggle time! I think this is my first dose of gee-they-grow-up-so-fast. It might possibly be the only thing that's made me envious of the time people get with a bio child that you just don't have when you adopt. I wouldn't trade Sam, or the time we've had already, for the world, but I wish he would stay a little guy just a little bit longer!

My soon-to-be big guy did seem little, however, when we celebrated his first Easter today. I found him sitting in the middle of our yard in his fancy Easter outfit where he'd found an egg filled with chocolate. It only took me looking away for a second before he was eating a chocolate bunny with brown drool running down his face, totally clueless at the mess he was making.

We also had our first seder as a family this week. Sam is not a fan of matzo-crusted chicken fingers. He also doesn't quite have the patience for grown-ups to read the Haggadah, particuarly the Hebrew parts. He finally grunted until we let him down. I took him in the lobby, where he was soon joined by his young cousins. I might have been frustrated at his not wanting to "behave" like all of the other kids, but the sight of him chasing his 2 1/2 and 4 year old cousins reminded me of exactly why I couldn't wait to have kids. I used to daydream about the days when my kid would be the one screeching in the lobby of The Mansion during a seder.

I suppose I could do without the screeching, but since it's from my kid, and he's screeching because he's happy, I'm a happy mommy.