Life as MommyMo

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Defending my "honor"

It's become an ongoing debate in our house as to who taught our dear son to say, "Hey, baldie!" Since my lovely husband is a bit challenged in the top-of-the-head-coverage department, he's been very quick to blame me for this latest of Samisms.


I remember the exact moment when Sam first uttered, "Hey, baldie!" He said it with only a moderate amount of glee the first time. Then, he heard me laugh hysterically. So, now, he squeals the words with great delight.

But, back to my version of the event... Sam was in the tub. I heard him say it. I laughed. He, enjoying the positive response to his performance, said it again and again and again. That's when we called Daddy in to hear the new words.

I have no idea where Sam came up with, "Hey, baldie." I figured he picked it up somewhere else and remembered it. Rob has tortured me for weeks that I taught Sam to say it. This came to be a particular point of contention when he said it on a public street as a bald man walked by.

As it turns out, Rob is now admitting that perhaps he himself first taught Sam this pseudo-insult. He's being a bit sheepish about recalling the details, knowing I'll be all over him in retaliation for weeks of admonishment, but I think we now know the real story.

Daddy did it.