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Thursday, January 12, 2012

I won!

Thanks to Melissa for this illustrious award!

I think it means I'm supposed to tell everyone seven random things about myself. Lots of things about me are pretty random, but I'm sure I can think of a way to pare it down to *just* seven... Let's see...

1. Some people know this about me, but it's random nonetheless: I don't let anyone (seriously... ANYone) touch my pillow.

2. I got a milk frother for Christmas and I truly believe it has changed not just my coffee, but my life.

3. I am a political news junkie. I am a diehard social justice Democrat. I met Newt Gingrich once and REALLY liked him. Seriously, nicest politician I've ever met.

4. Every single week since I was about 14 years old, I have worn the same grey hoodie (almost exclusively at home, mind you) at least once.

5. I love love love being the mom of two boys. I am done having kids. I still dream up names for girls.

6. I can't sleep in silence.

7. I wear children's socks.

I'm supposed to tag seven bloggers, but I'm not sure I know that many. I will tag these people on Facebook:

1. Kim Gwara
2. Kelli Barry
3. Anne Huff
4. Lauren Reid
5. Leslie Robinson
6. Mindy Juntti
7. Angie Roach

In other news, lots of doctor visits lately. Still not lots of answers. The never-ending sinus infection and bronchitis seem to FINALLY be going away on a new round of antibiotics. What? It doesn't take everyone eight weeks of drugs to get over this kind of thing?!

I am expecting a call tomorrow to let me know if the team of doctors that it takes to figure out this crazy disease want me to start the drug protocol before or after surgery. I went to the ENT to schedule a biopsy, only to be told that if I need to be put to sleep, he wanted to do about five other things while he was in there. Several other doctors (not surgeons) think the chemo might be the better route. I'm prepared for either or both. I just want to do something so I don't feel like I'm stewing in granulomatosis. Who ever thought *those* words could end up in a single sentence?!


Melissa said...

Loved your list and I'm totally sad that you still don't have answers!