Life as MommyMo

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

It's the thought that counts

I've thought of posting lots. Does that count for something? I so want to make this blogging thing a habit again.

This week may be full of "news" and changes for us, so perhaps I'll have something more excited than "hey, we went to Costco. Again" to share! Sam is headed to the nutritionist this week. As a mom, I feel like I've always had pretty good instincts about what was going on with the kids. Not so much right now. The Reader's Digest version of the saga is that Sam just doesn't eat enough. The task before us now is to understand why. My suspicion is that we'll find more than one reason, making it infinitely more complicated to solve the problem.

No matter what, I'm anxious to have someone explain scary events like finding him upright in bed at 9 p.m., casually mentioning that he'll go to sleep once his food finishes going down his throat -- from dinner hours before. Perhaps someone will also explain why my child can't eat the "pointy part" of a slice of pizza.

Sounds so weird and I've spent a great deal of time begging him to not be so picky. I've tired every just-wait-he-won't-starve-himself trick and tactic in the book. Turns out he WILL starve. We've resorted to measures like protein shakes in the morning that do seem to help, but I'm just plain scared that he's not going to grow correctly with what he can and/or will eat.

So... now we start the long process of solving the mystery. Nutritionist this week. Endoscopy next month. Full-fledged feeding team after that. Stay tuned.