Life as MommyMo

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Natural Disasters

This has certainly been an interesting week for a vacation. We had absolutely beautiful weather early in the week... It was only 80 degrees when we visited Ocean City on Monday.

Tuesday, though, we experienced our very first earthquake. Amazingly, as many people that felt it, I haven't heard of anyone seriously hurt. My dogs might argue that they have been mentally exhausted. If I ever doubted what they can detect, I shouldn't. They both woke up around 1ish this morning, pacing, whimpering and generally acting looney. I woke up to find out that there had been a decent aftershock around that time. I didn't feel a thing (maybe a testament to my memory foam matress topper?!) but they definitely noticed something was amiss.

Today, it's been dark, dreary and rainy all day. I think we might get a reprieve for a while tomorrow, but only long enough to brace for Hurricane Irene that is headed our way on Saturday.

Why am I talking about the weather so much? Surely I have better things to say after such a long blogging break. All of this is to capture how utterly excited I am that along with my fever, my barometric pressure-induced headaches seem to also be a thing of the past. This kind of crazy back-and-forth weather *should* have me hiding in bed, holding my head and wishing someone would invent a drug to fix things for me. Instead, I'm enjoying watching the rain, cuddled up in a blanket with a lovely book and a fresh glass of iced coffee. It's nice. Really, really nice.