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Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's been a while...

I know it's been a long time since I've updated here. I don't quite know why there are days when blogging seems easy, and others when it's seems like some huge task. It's not. I just think there has been enough going on at home and at work that I'm preoccupied most of the time. And I don't exactly feel like coming here to rehash the mundane and not-so-fun parts of my life. I really like my blog to be about memorable stuff with the kids... And those things still happen, so I really need to make it a point to focus on what's "right", and blog about it, more! (Thanks to everyone who has nudged me lately to keep up!)

I could attempt to review what's been going on since I was last here, but that might take a while. It's probably best to just re-start without too much looking back. In short, we did still end up being able to celebrate Max's first birthday (he chose pencils and rice from his Tol table), we took our first vacation as a family of four to Skaneateles and we welcomed our beautiful new niece Makalya to the world.

Oh, yeah. I went back to work, too. I think I might have said that before. If you're considering a leave from your job anytime soon... try not to come back at a time when the economy has your entire industry in turmoil. It's really not that fun. When you boil down what I do, I really have one of the most rewarding and happy jobs you could have if you're going to fight cancer for a living. Even that is dampened, though, when philanthropy is suffering like it is now. That's not just another post, though, I think that's a whole different blog, so I'll leave that subject alone here.

It definitely feels like fall is right around the corner. Not necessarily when you go outside (where it still TOTALLY feels like August) but when you consider our days are now spent filling out about a million forms for the various school programs both Sam and Max will be in, buying the vast amount of supplies kindergarteners need, and organizing clothes in the vain hope that it will cool off at some point. Oh, and football is starting. Rob's got his fantasy draft this afternoon... a sure sign that summer is ending in our world. (As someone who is admittedly not a big sports fan, I don't particularly enjoy the time of year when both baseball AND football are happening simultaneously!)

So... there it is. A real post. Finally. I sometimes get motivated while writing to think that I should try to do this every day. I quickly realize, though, that not even *I* could stomach reading about my own life that often. I'll spare anyone who reads this that misery but promise (again) to do a better job of keeping up!


Waiting4OurAngel said...

So glad to read your update and know that all is well. Post pics soon of Max so we can see how much he has grown. There is a ton of Hannah on my blog--she has gotten so big.

shelley said...

LOL! I am a fantasy widow as well, and the late summer when they merge is tough! :)

So love it when you blog...even if you feel it's mundane, it gives me a glimpse of what's ahead for us with little ones!!