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Thursday, July 03, 2008


We're taking Sam to see real, live fireworks for the first time tomorrow. This clearly isn't his first Fourth of July, but it is the first year we can be assured he'll still be in a relatively pleasant mood at 9 p.m. when it all starts AND that the loud noises won't scar him for life.

I'm actually not entirely convinced that second point is true, but I'm hoping it is. To be on the safe side, I'm going to get little bitty ear plugs this afternoon that he can wear if he wants to. I think the fun of it all, especially with his cousins, will eventually make him forget the loud booming noises. My dog, on the other hand, has not been left alone on the Fourth for quite some time and may have entirely destroyed our house by the time we return home. He's a big fraidy cat.

I saw this Blogthings quiz on the Sweet Shoppe blog today, and it seemed appropriate, so here you go:

What Your These Fireworks Say About You

You are the type of person who lives a big, bold, and unique life.

You love to stand out and be noticed. And people definitely notice you.

You are easily excited, and you're quick to move to action.

You like to be in motion doing something. Keeping busy makes you feel good.

A big, bold, and unique life? Ok. Sounds like someone else, but I'll take it. Like to be noticed. Um, not so much. If I looked like Jessica Alba, maybe. But I would rather people didn't look that closely on most days! That keeping busy part is true, but I count sitting in front of the computer scrapping as keeping busy, which may not be everything the quiz writer had in mind when I selected that lovely photo of two-in-one fireworks. Then again, who writes those quizzes anyway?!


Kimgw74 said...

SO I took your firworks test and this is me

"You are deeply passionate about a few things in your life.
Everything else, you couldn't care less about.

Your passions tend to hold steady over time. If anything, they intensify.
Once you hold on to something (or someone), you don't let go!"

Hope Sam had a great time watching fireworks. We are back in Jersey on Wed....

Miss you guys..