Life as MommyMo

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

An un-update

I waited patiently for two weeks after having sixteen tubes and four jars of blood products sucked out of my arms to have ZERO to show for it. Well... that's the half-empty interpretation. My blood tests were totally negative. The half-full version of the story is that even more of the serious stuff has been ruled out. I'm headed for one more scan to find "occult cancer," which means yet again that the doctors are thinking a particular type of malignancy is a possibility. While that sounds ominous, I don't believe it's what will be the end result.

Using my stellar diagnostic skills, I suggested a possible solution myself that Dr. Fancy Pants actually agreed with! So... next stop: endocrinology. Basically, I'm hopeful that my inkling that my fevers are temperature fluctuations from some hormone imbalance proves true. Then... no more doctors!!


Randi said...

so glad to have an update! i have been praying and thinking of you - forgot to think to check here! -and sent ya an email a bit ago. Praying that you are correct in your diagnostics and that all is well soon. Feel good! you are so busy, do try and rest :) hugs

The Greens said...

Praying for you to be feeling 100% soon.
I also stopped by to tell you that the man who wrote Kite Runner came out with a new book last month(A Thousand Splendid Suns) and it is as awesome as his first. Chris, my mom and I devoured it within days...and I hope you are able to sit and enjoy it soon too.